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Week One Leadership Discussion .The Leadership Discussions are...

  • Week One Leadership Discussion.The Leadership Discussions are designed to allow you to expand upon the material presented in the textbook, and to give you the opportunity to interact with other students. Your first post should answer the topic questions and should be completed by Friday of this week. You will need to make at least two additional posts before the end of the week, which should be responses to other classmate's posts..Your score on this assignment will be based on the following:
    • The substance/length of your response, displaying your knowledge and understanding of the material (minimum of 200 words for original post, and minimum of 125 words for each classmate response post)• Citation to reliable authority to support your comments• Your writing ability• Staying focused on the questions actually posed by the discussion• Submitting your posts on three different days. I am looking forward to some great discussions!Discussion Grading Criteria:  

    Threaded Discussion Grading Rubric

    Total Points Possible



    Thoroughly answered all of the questions




    Responded to at least two classmates in addition to your initial post




    Spelling and Grammar is at the college level and reference the text or other material




     Post on three separate days


                                                                                        Total: 100 points 
  • Week 1 Leadership Discussion Forum What personal capacities should a person develop to be a good leader versus those developed to be a good manager?
    Why do you think there are so few people who succeed at both Management and Leadership?
    Is it reasonable to believe someone can be good at both?

    Describe the best leader you have known. How did this leader acquire his or her capability?
      To post to the discussion, click on Week 1 Leadership Discussion Forum (above), then Create Thread. For further instruction, click on play for video below.

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