This question is for those who read Adventures of Huck Finn. Okay,...

This question is for those who read Adventures of Huck Finn. 

Okay, so this is for summer work. We have to post topics on this website regarding the book, and respond to each other. One of my classmates wrote how Jim kept Pap's death a secret as an act of selfishness. She mentioned, "if Huck had known that Pap was dead, nothing would have been keeping him away from town and he could have gotten his money, but the journey would have been over for Huck and extensively harder for Jim as a lone runaway slave traveling down a Southern river" This was her claim as to why Jim kept Huck's father's death a secret, because he depended on Huck to help him to freedom. 

How can I argue her claim? Because I do not agree with her input on this topic. I said that from the beginning, Huck insisted on running away from Miss Watson and her sister, Widow Douglas and Pap altogether because he wanted to avoid being civilized by the two sisters and being abused by his father. He wanted to run away from that town, and I think even if Huck knew his Pap was dead he would not have gone back to town either way because he didn't want Miss Watson to find him too.

However, my classmate said how he could have gone back for the money. How can I argue this? Maybe he could have gone back for the money and left Jim alone, but it is possible he could have came back. 

I am just so confused on how to argue her reasoning, and put it together as a paragraph. But SO FAR, this is what I have

After much thought, I believe Jim keeps Pap's death a secret to protect Huck. As a caring father figure, Jim makes an effort to keep Huck from having to witness anything too "gashly" when they come across Pap Finn's corpse (Twain 86). His hesitancy in disclosing the identity of the body as Huck's father is simply out of a genuine concern for Huck: seeing a dead body would have been graphic enough for an adolescent boy, but the knowledge of the body being his own father would have greatly heightened the trauma involved. Furthermore, Jim's decision to withhold this information from Huck allowed Jim to protect the fatherless boy as unselfishly as if Huck were his own son. In doing this, Jim shows more kindness and affection than Huck's father ever did. It is unclear if Jim knew the full extent of Pap's cruelty to Huck but Jim's motives were seemingly pure of heart. As another case in point, Huck did not just want to escape from his abusive father. As Huckleberry Finn opens, after Huck moves in with Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, they attempt to instill education and religion into Huck, which he strongly resents. Huck is uncomfortable with all of these "restrictions" on his life. As I recall, Pap kidnaps Huck, and holds him captive in a ramshackle cabin in an attempt to get hold of Huck's large sum of inheritance. Tired of his confinement and fearing the beatings will worsen, Huck manages to escape from Pap. In chapter 6, as Huck is devising an escape plan, he mentions, "I guessed I wouldn't stay in one place, but just tramp right across the country, mostly nighttimes, (...) and so get so far away that the old man nor the widow couldn't ever find me anymore" (Twain 36). He appears to be desperate to avoid "sivilization", and insisted on traveling the country. Therefore, I believe if Huck was aware of the corpse found in the floating house to be his father, he would have not gone back home either way. He wanted to get away from everything he has been through, from being civilized by Widow Douglas to getting incessantly abused by Pap.

I know this is a lot to read, but if someone is willing to help me with this, it would be much appreciated! Feel free to make any changes/suggestions/comments regarding my paragraph. Thank you!!

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