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A. In Dragonwings, there is a lot of diversity taking place throughout the play. In 'Peter Pan' and "A Christmas Carol', the themes are to teach a lesson to children about being able to share and not be money hungry and making sure to love their parents or to not want to grow up just yet. Dragonwings is about the love of family and that you should accept everyone for who they are, especially if they are of a different race. The realistic aspect of this play is crazy and it makes me really see how things were back then. People keep messing with Moon Shadow throughout the play and it shows the audience how much ridicule took place in America. "Ching Chong Chinaman, Sitting in a tree, Wanted to pick a berry, But sat on a bee." (Yep 1403). This taunt was coming from children and it shows how children can learn anything from their parents. The idea that white people are called "white demons" can tell the audience what people of a different race went through on a daily basis. All of the plays had different themes that they wanted to convey but this one gave me the most insight on things.

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B. Dragonwings uses the themes of difference and diversity in a way that we do not see in the other two plays; Peter Pan and The Christmas Carol were approached in a fairytale and spiritual aspect. Peter Pan was a play adopted by a more children's/fairy tale theme, while The Christmas Carol was geared towards an objective to change the protagonist's character through dreams and revelations. In The Christmas Carol the protagonist, Scrooge, is disgusted by the thought of Christmas; at the thought he says, "Bah! Humbug!". Once his nephew, Fred greets him with a merry Christmas Scrooge responds, "'Look at you- what right have you to be merry?'" (1358). In summary, Scrooge's passed friends visited him through dreams; Scrooge has an epiphany and longs to have a change of heart for Christmas and life. In Peter Pan, as mentioned in the last discussion, was a tale about a man that never grew. He was a gentlemen and clings to youth at the cost of love. Dragonwings involves realistic issues that a family would experience today. In a children's play, the lessons are learned through more unrealistic situations. This play will come across issues like: poverty, struggle, and racism. The lessons are learned through more of a mature way. Moodshadow, the young boy, explains to his mother of their recent struggles, "Dear Mother. I have bad news. We are going to lose Dragonwings before father can fly it. Black Dog stole all we have, and the landlord will not give us an extension," (1412). This play addresses themes of real struggles that many people of today's society would experience. 

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C. Choreography is important to the audience's understanding of plays. Looking at Peter Pan and Dragonwings, what do you see in the choreography that demonstrates these are clearly children's plays? How do the movements and scenarios which accompany them showcase what it means to be a child? 

Peter Pan and Dragonwings demonstrate that they are clearly children's plays based because they display an exaggerated display of choreographic scenes.  The scenes are intentionally dramatic and animated to keep the interest of young children. Many of the key points in the plays are comprised of feature dances that imply a significant moment essential to the play's storyline. In Dragonwings, in Scene 6, there is a moment between Windrider and Moon Shadow where an earthquake begins. During this scene two stage assistants enter the stage and shake an "earthquake cloth", which symbolizes the natural disaster occurring onstage. Upon this event, Moon Shadow "...tries to stand, but as he scrambles on all fours, he is surprised by the Earthquake Dragon," (Yep 1407). The Dragon does a dance with accentuated choreography and the scene ends. This displays how many of the moments in this play that are indispensable, are accompanied by dance. In Act I of Peter Pan, Peter talks about how much he enjoys his youth,. "I want to always be a little boy and to have fun," (Barrie 1318). Peter makes this idea very clear that he cherishes his childhood mentality.

D.  In both renditions of A Christmas Carol I did not see a difference between the way children were portrayed. In the original story, A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens in the mid-nineteenth century and in Fields' twentieth-century adaptation, children were depicted as being innocent, having positive attitudes and being very helpful to their parents. They were expected to mature early and start work as soon as possible. For instance, in the Cratchit family, Martha, the oldest child, is already working and Peter, the second oldest, is expected to work very soon. The only difference I saw was in the Fields' play, young Ebenezer after being brought home after school was expected to go to work immediately after Christmas. "A Job! Work! Immediately after Christmas you go to London,." (pg. 1366). Whereas in the original story after being brought home Ebenezer was expecting to remain there. ``Home, for good and all. Home, for ever and ever."(Chapter 2 - The First of the Three Spirits (Links to an external site.) ) 

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