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SURNAME 1 Tom Delay Name: Instructor: Date: Born in 8 April 1947 Laredo, Texas was Tom Delay, The sentenced Texas ex-Congressman who showed up on Dancing with the Stars Tom DeLay is the previous House Majority Leader who surrendered in 2006 in the wake of being prosecuted on charges of disregarding effort money laws. Tom Delay was conceived in Texas, where his dad was in the oil business. DeLay earned a degree in science from the University of Houston in 1970. From 1973-84 he claimed Albo Pest Control, getting the wry handle of "The Exterminator." A Republican, he was chosen to the Texas House of Representatives in 1978, and in 1984 climbed to the U.S. Place of Representatives from the state's 22nd Congressional District (DeLay and Mansfeld). Throughout the following decade Tom Delay earned the epithet "The Hammer" for his hardcore methods for implementing party discipline as he climbed the status stepping stool. By 1995 he was the Majority Whip, and he assumed a major part in the supposed K Street Project, an exertion by GOP agents to solid arm major campaigning firms to contract Republicans. He got to be House Majority Leader in 2002, second in force just to Speaker Dennis Hastert. Dearest by numerous social traditionalists, DeLay in any case got into boiling hot water after disclosures that he had paid his significant other and little girl $500,000 from his own particular political activity advisory group, that he had taken golf trips abroad paid for by lobbyists, and that he had close binds to sentenced criminal Jack Abramoff.
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