When we turn on the media we expect politics and events that have surfaced throughout the day. We see that the media is constantly vying for position...
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When we turn on the media we expect politics and events that have surfaced throughout the day. We see that the media is constantly vying for position to win over the audience in any type of fashion. There is one topic that I want to focus on how the media has portrayed in a nega- tive way and that is religion. There are many news outlets in the United States that have covered religion biased. They will frame religion as a cult and will try to use their media outlets to sway people away from religion. In this day and age we usually see religion on the wrong side of social issues. The media has constantly potrayed Christians as people who are mindless and are bigoted. The media at- tempts to corner a group but often forget the facts and also forget to report the other side of the story. In the United States there are currently thirty three percent of Americans who believe that same sex marriage should be illegal. You often do not see this statistic because the media does not want you to believe that there are people in this country who do believe that marriage should be between a man and a women. The media is constantly attempting to warp the human mind to what they deem is right. When you look truly look at it, many people who are religious are not bigots but they truly believe that God created man and women to be together. You do not often see the soft spoken side of these stories.
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Two religions that make up most of the continent are Islam and Christianity. Both reli- gions believe in God but as you have seen through the media, both religions do not receive the same scrutiny. When you turn on the channel you will see the news broadcasting the constant war that the United States is having with Isis. Isis or “Islamic State” is a group that wants to cleanse the world of its sin and to make everyone Islam. They have done this by killing large amounts of Christians and terroizing any person or group that is not in line with their beliefs. Many media outlets are liberal, and it will be tough to find a news outlet that thouroughly ex- plains the reasons of ISIS and why they have formed. They do this because they do not want ex- pose the truth of ISIS and show that there a several thousands of people from the Islam religion who wants to bomb the United States. The media fears to offend anyone in the Muslim faith in attempt to gain more viewers. If you ever listen to Hillary Clinton speak she will not often say that the reason why the United States is attempting to defend itself from ISIS is because of radi- cal Islam. What you will see on several media outlets are republicans speaking out against ISIS and radical islam. The right side of the aisle believes that radical islam should be stopped and also defend our country from those who attempt to hurt us. Donald Trump has taken it a step fur- ther than the right has gone. Donald Trump has gone nationalistic and wants Muslims not be able to enter the United States until radical islam is somewhat controlled. After Donald Trump had said this, the media outlets for CNN and MSNBC galvaged over this and attempted to show viewers that they were outlets of compassion and love when they fail to give a proper explana- tion of why ISIS is going around killing people in many different countries. There has just been a grand supreme court ruling that stated that no state is allowed to have a law that prohibits the same sex getting married. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 and this is
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