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EN1006M 3.0 Final Take Home Examination RUBRIC Due: Upload your document to Moodle by 11:55pm August 14, 2016 Remember to include your name in your file name. Expected time to complete the exam: 3 hours. 20% of final grade General Instructions: Read through the whole exam first. Follow the instructions for each section. Avoid using the same material in different answers. We have few texts so repetition of a text will be unavoidable but you will need to make sure you use the texts in substantially different ways. Make sure you make use of Northanger Abbey , The Lifespan of a Fact AND Adaptation Number each question you are answering. Write in proper sentences. This exam is designed to take you approximately 3 hours. If you spend a shorter time or a longer time on it that is up to you. Exams will not be accepted after11:55pm August 14. Section I: Paired Terms. 10% of exam grade. Answer two of the following five pairs of terms. Each answer is worth 5 marks. For each pair of terms you should a) identify the text and author, b) define the term or concept and c) discuss the relation between the two terms. Example: 1. John D'Agata AND Intradiegesis Section II: Close Readings. 40% of exam grade. Answer two of the following five questions. Do not repeat texts or concepts in this section . Each answer is worth 20 marks. Example: 1. Use three narratological concepts connected to anachrony (e.g. analepsis, prolepsis, ellipsis, paralipsis, extent, pause, scene, summary) to analyze the temporal structure of the following passage. Not all terms will be appropriate: it is up to you to judge what is most applicable. [passage from a text] Section III: Essay Question. 50% of exam grade. Answer one of the following four questions. Example: 1. Both John D'Agata and Charlie Kaufman are simultaneously inside and outside the stories they narrate. Using at least two narratological concepts compare their intradiegetic and extradiegetic positions.
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