Complete the “ Peer-Review Template ” on the essay draft provided.

Complete the "Peer-Review Template" on the essay draft provided. 

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A LESSON WELL LEARNED 1 A Look into My Past Celina E. Brown ENG 121 & English Composition I Karla Schorzman August 27, 2016
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ENG 121 – Peer Review Template Week Three Discussion: Peer Review As part of the writing process, you are expected to reflect on your work and revise and edit accordingly. It  is also useful to establish a community of learners in which you help edit and proofread each other’s  papers. This reciprocal process will help you identify areas of strength and weakness in others’ writing as  well as reflect on your own work and perhaps discover similar mistakes. For this week, you will be  performing a peer review on your Personal Essay – Draft before you submit it to your instructor on Day 7. For this discussion, please either (a) upload your paper (.doc format) as a new thread with your name and title of paper, or (b) create a new thread in which you copy and paste your essay into the body of your  post. The draft you share with your peers needs to be at least two double-spaced pages in length.  After  posting your draft, you will perform one peer review in which you will complete the “ Peer Review  Template ” and upload it as .doc file. Please review a paper written by a classmate who has not yet  received feedback . GENERAL What did the writer do well in the essay? Please be specific. Click here to enter text. THESIS How does the writer indicate that it will be a personal essay? Is there a clear thesis? Describe how features of the essay and thesis work and/or need work. Click here to enter text. Do all major points relate back to the thesis statement? In short, does the writer seem to go off topic in places? If so, how? (In other words, is the paper unified and are all points related?) If not, suggest ways to correct. Click here to enter text. ORGANIZATION/STRUCTURE List the use of transition words and phrases that show chronology or shifts in topic. Are additional transitions needed? If so, where?
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