I need a topic for my research project, please help me pick one.

Must be an easy one and not too complicated. Thank you!

Please see attached file.

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Research Proposal for Project #1: Writing to Explain Causes and Effects (40 points) This assignment is designed to help you organize your thoughts about your topic and to facilitate the early stages of your research process. Using the “Qualities of Effective Writing to Explain Causes and Effects” discussed in Chapter 11, provide information for the following research elements: Part 1: Causal Argument (15 points) 1. Topic Introduce the event, activity, or phenomenon from your academic, professional, or local community for which you wish to establish a cause/effect relationship. Be specific. Given that this is a 1000 to 1500-word research paper and not a book, your topic should be specific to your local experience and highly focused. Please avoid approaching topics at a global or national level. Also, avoid speculating on future effects of an event that has not yet occurred. For example, speculating on how making texting illegal in the United States would affect the accident rate is too broad in scope and looks at the future effect of something that has not yet occurred. Instead, you could argue how the passage of a ban against texting in your local community has led to a specific series of effects in that area. 2. Presentation of focused causes or effects When you consider what causes what, or what the effects of something are, you need to convince your target audience that the relationship you see in fact exists. Give a brief summary of the major cause/effect relationship that you will be presenting in your paper. See the guide on the final page of this document for different types of causal relationships to begin thinking of what type(s) of relationship(s) exit(s) within your topic. 3. A clearly stated claim that a cause-and-effect relationship exists After you have done enough research to be certain that a cause-and-effect relationship exists, you will be prepared to state the nature of that relationship. State your claim so that readers understand it, especially since they may know little or nothing about your topic. For example, “The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, led to tighter security screening at airports in the United States” asserts a clear cause-and-effect relationship. 4. Anticipation of possible objections or alternative explanations While your causal analysis may be highly plausible, there are almost always other possible causes for the same effect or other possible effects of the cause that you are considering. Acknowledge those other potential causes or effects and show why your causes or effects are more likely.
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