I need help with writing essay. Topic of the question is attached...

I need help with writing essay.

Topic of the question is attached in Microsoft work as 'essey''.

Wendell Berry's essay "The Pleasures of Eating"  - is attached as PDF ''DOC''

Also is attached my '' Inventory food table'' from previous assignment I have no idea if this info is needed for the essay.

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Essay #1: Eating Practices Analysis The question you need to address in this essay: In this essay, I would like you to analyze your own eating habits and practices. Though it may be a cliché, the expression “ you are what you eat” will be the focus of your writing. That is, what does a careful consideration of what, where, how and how much you eat reveal about who you are? Your lifestyle? Your values? Your economic status? Your social status? The extent to which intentionality guides your most basic life practice? Do your eating practices reFect the larger cultural patterns we have begun to read about and discuss in class? Analyze your taxonomy through writing about it in prose form (i.e., essay style), focusing on the question listed above. That is, what insights have you gained about yourself through analyzing yourself as an eater? Make sure to use your data to support your response! I would like you to incorporate Wendell Berry’s essay “The Pleasures of Eating” for this assignment. ±or starters, consider his contrasting categories of the “industrial eater” with the “ responsible eater.” Do either of these categories seem relevant to your own case? If neither does, then what kind of eater would you consider yourself? Remember that while Berry suggests we all become personally invested in being more mindful of the way we eat, he also brings up broad social, cultural, political and economic considerations. In order to address Berry's concerns, you need to address these broad concerns. Consider this excerpt from Berry’s essay: “A signi²cant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes. The pleasure of eating, then, may be the best available standard of our health (4).” To what extent does your diet represent your “consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes?” What does your diet reveal about who you are? As an essay writer, you have many choices about how to approach a writing assignment. Several key features that I will be looking for include a reasonable and compelling response to the task, a sense of purpose and organization, and clear and accessible prose
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Food Inventory and Analysis Chart Day 1, WHAT WAS CONSUMED: Breakfast: whole wheat corn flakes, Lunch: a sandwich, and a coffee, Snack: Snickers, Dinner: mushed potatoes with steam broccoli and fried chicken breasts, Between meals: 4-5 cups of water, 2 cups of tea, Day 1, WHO COOKED WHAT YOU ATE: Breakfast: n/a Lunch: sandwich I made it myself at home, coffee was from the express coffee machine, Snack: n/a Dinner: I cooked, Between meals: n/a Day 1, WHAT YOU WERE DOING THAT DAY: Breakfast: sitting at the dining room table, Lunch: at work sitting in the cafeteria, Snack: sitting in front of the computer at work, Dinner: I was sitting at the living room coffee table with my husband and watching TV,
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