I have a homework assignment and I don't have a enough time to do

it, it's a reading and you have to read it and then answering questions about the reading. I'll put the link of the reading;
Here is the link for the Alperovitz book:
Please scroll down and read the Preface and the Introduction. Unfortunately, not all of Chapter 2 is available in the preview, so just read the Preface and Introduction and answer the following questions, about a paragraph per question to get full credit:

-In the intro,Alperovitz points out a number of problems with present-day American democracy. What does he do to support his allegations?
-Alperovitzclaims that cynicism, apathy, and a belief that a small group of powerful groups and individuals control the direction of the country are widespread. How true does this observation ring to you? Explain.
-A. contends that there are ways, which transcend left/right divisions in politics, to transform society in ways that ensure that the values of equality, liberty, and democracy are more directly experienced by the American citizenry. What are some of the ways he envisions this transformation, and what examples does he give to describe how it might manifest?
-To what extent do you, personally, value the ideals of equality, liberty, and democracy? To what extent do you feel that these ideals are realized in your every day life? If there are values more important than equality, liberty, and democracy to you, what arethey and explain why they are important to you.* Please make sure to read the reading and answer the questions that based on the reading. Also, it has to be at least 1 paragraph for each answer. And Please give me an ADVANCE ANSWERS, I'll check the answers and I'll not accept it if it's wrong or if you didn't follow the instructions. * THANKS!

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