I need help with writing essay , about 2-3 pages. The question for...

I need help with writing essay , about 2-3 pages. The question for the essay is attached in Microsoft Word.

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‘’ WE ARE WHAT WE EAT’’ - Think about what this means. Although this may be an easy cliché, I would like you to examine idea that there is a direct connection between eating and identity. How is fast food a metaphor for who we are as a nation/culture? Based on your own knowledge and experience, to what extent, do you agree or disagree with ‘’ we are what we eat’’. ? Are we indeed the “fast food nation”? How does food shape who we are and how we live? And on the Fip- side--how do we shape both the way we eat and what we eat? What is the relationship between food and identity, both individual and cultural?
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