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General English IV Midterm Exam Score: ______ / ______ Name: ______________________________ Student Number: _____________________ Multple Choice: Type your answer choice in the blank. _____1. Which of these is a speciFc type of parody? A. mock-epic B. folk ballad C. conceit D. paradox _____2. How is a diary, such as Pepys’s, di±erent from a history such as Bede’s? A. A diary is usually more personal. B. A diary is usually more objecTve. C. A diary is usually more formal. D. A diary usually lacks historical accuracy. _____ 3. Which statement most accurately contrasts the ideas of di±erent literary periods? A. Anglo-Saxon literature focuses on free will, whereas Renaissance literature suggests that human beings are controlled by fate. B. Literature of the Middle Ages focuses on science, whereas literature of the Renaissance focuses on religious faith. C. English literature of the Renaissance was dominated by poetry and verse drama, whereas English literature of the eighteenth century was dominated by prose and saTre. D. Literature of the Anglo-Saxon period stresses human possibiliTes, whereas eighteenth century English literature stresses human limitaTons. _____4. Read this brief passage from Beowulf in the modern translaTon by Burton Ra±el. ²hen, answer the quesTon that follow. 1
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