I need help with in-text citations. For my English 101

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Name: _________________________ English 100, 101, 120: Parenthetical Citations Worksheet Fill in the blank with the appropriate in-text/parenthetical citation using MLA style. 1. Ray Bradbury wrote a book titled The Illustrated Man from which you use work found on page 120. ____________________ 2. Later in your paper, you quote a passage on page 313 in Bradbury’s book, and introduce the quote like this: Bradbury, in The Illustrated Man … __________________ 3. Bradbury co-authors a book titled Beyond Mars with Ursula K. Le Guin and Margaret Atwood. You quote material found on page 17. ____________________ 4. In the sequel, Way Beyond Mars , Bradbury co-authors the book with Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and E. M. Forster. You paraphrase from page 151. ____________________ 5. Way Beyond Mars is a multi-volume opus (your Works Cited includes each volume), and you find something witty on page 900 in volume three, and introduce the quote like this: Bradbury, et al. , in Way Beyond Mars … ____________________ 6. Your Works Cited includes multiple books written by Cormac McCarthy. You decide to use a tenth, The Road , and reference a passage from page 19. _____________ 7. In addition to Ray Bradbury, you also quote from pages 45, 78 through 80, and 91, in John Bradbury’s The Earthling Chronicles . ____________________ 8. Marge Piercy quotes Charlotte Perkins-Gilman in an essay she wrote for The New Yorker titled “Women in and Out of Writing” and you can’t find the original source material, but you use the Perkins-Gilman quote anyway, which appeared on page 5. _________________ 9. You quote from David Mitchell’s play Atlas Revisited — a particularly pithy scene in Act I, Scene 39, lines 7 through 90. ____________________ 10. John Smith writes a blog for sci-fi lovers from which you quote excerpts. However, the site has no page numbers or other distinguishing features. You introduce the passage like this: Smith, on his blog Sci-Fi Fanboy … ________________
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