Double space essay with MLA format. the essay should be between 2...

Double space essay with MLA format. the essay should be between 2 to 3 pages.

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PAPER 1 TOPIC Write an essay on the following topic. Pretend that you have been asked to nominate a movie for a showing here on campus. Why should your chosen film be the one shown? For this question, the important thing is the WHY! ( You can pick any film you want – popular, artistic, or critically acclaimed. Convince me. Illustrate your choice with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (from the movie…) Instructions: Paper should be two to three double-spaced pages – the basic format of your paper should look like the sample paper on page 574 of your Everyone’s an Author textbook (but yours will be much shorter than the sample paper in your textbook). Your thesis and your paragraphs follow the specifications laid out in your reading from Everyone’s An Author & The Little Seagull Handbook . P art of the scoring for this paper will be based on making a complex and original argument, so make your reasons as specific as possible. See syllabus for due dates.
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Paper Review Sheet 1 You should complete this worksheet about YOUR paper. When you finish, you must use your answers to fix/rework your paper. These are the questions I ask when determining your grade. If the question requires a yes/no answer, type yes or no. 1. Read your paper OUT LOUD. Listen closely. In places where you stumble, make a note to smooth out passage later. Have you read paper out loud? 2. What is the topic of the thesis? 3. Is a CLAIM being made? (for this paper, claim means that the thesis answers the question in italics on topic sheet) 4. What is the claim? What is the why/what/how? (A basic reason why does need to be present in thesis). 5. Is thesis too broad? Narrow? Make thesis more manageable. 6. Make the language in your thesis more specific. Cross out any words, phrases that will help clear up the meaning and/or add words, phrases that help, etc.) 7. Is the thesis interesting? Does it fall back on “canned” ideas (so unoriginal it seems as if it comes from a can)? How can it be made more interesting?
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