Choosing the Right Person for an Important Project Instructions: The following paragraphs describe three people who might work for you. For each,...
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Choosing the Right Person for an Important Project Instructions: The following paragraphs describe three people who might work for you. For each, think about how comfortable you would be turning over a project that is very important to you to this person. J.B. was promoted to her current position shortly before you were transferred in as head of the department. On paper, J.B. is qualified, but you have some doubts about her skills. J.B. has an MBA from a well-respected university and has been in the current position for over a year. During that time, you have found some surprising mistakes and oversights in J.B.’s work. J.B. doesn’t seem to completely grasp how the company operates and what her role is supposed to be. However, you can see that J.B. has improved in developing many of her skills and seems to be developing more self- awareness. You can also see that J.B. is extremely conscientious of her colleagues and seems quite effective at providing resources for her peers to succeed. You can count on J.B. to give you her honest assessment of progress on projects, even when her team is underperforming. Sandy’s job is fairly technical, so Sandy has continued to attend seminars and read technical journals to keep up-to-date. Sandy’s work is always careful and complete. In short, you can always count on Sandy and her team to get the job done right. Sandy is fiercely loyal to her colleagues and does everything she can to help them succeed. Sandy has on a number of occasions shown great loyalty to you, the boss. For example, just last month, Sandy blocked information from getting to your boss that would have made you look bad. On several occasions, Sandy has misled people in other departments to keep them from taking resources away from your department. Pat recently transferred to your division from the company’s Florida division. Pat wanted to get back closer to family. Pat’s former department head had tried unsuccessfully to block Pat’s leaving, arguing that Pat was “just too important” to let her go. The quality of Pat’s work appears to justify the former manager’s reluctance to let Pat leave. Pat has gained a reputation for being abrasive in some situations. On several occasions, she has harshly criticized colleagues for not performing up to her standards. Pat often seems to have her guard up when talking with you. In dealings with other employees and with customers, you have full confidence that Pat is honest. You also know that if she says she will do something, she will follow through. Step 1: Individually , select one of the employees to be the project manager. State your rationale in a brief paragraph (25-50 words, more if you want). Optional Strategy : If it helps you to decide, rate each employee from 1 (Strongly DISAGREE) to 5 (Strongly AGREE) for each item. (There is no need to report the results to anyone; this chart is just a tool to help you choose.) J.B. Sandy Pat This employee is very capable of performing her job. The employee is well qualified. Sound principles seem to guide this employee’s actions. I would not have to wonder about whether this employee will stick to her word. This employee would go out of her way to help me. This employee would not knowingly do anything to hurt me. I am comfortable turning this project over to this person. MORE INSTRUCTIONS ON NEXT PAGE
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Step 2: Go to your team’s discussion board on Blackboard and post your choice and your rationale statement. You will not be able to see your team members’ posts until you post your own. Step 3: As a team , make a consensus decision about who you would select for the job. Focus on creating a process that everyone is comfortable with. Report your final choice to the instructor by email by the deadline.
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