Note:Questions for ReviewChapter 6 Questions 4, 6, and 7 on pages 135-136

There may be some confusion as to the review question numbers in this module. The publisher issued two versions of the fifth edition of the Herrick text (with discrepancies only on pages 161 and 185). The listed question numbers and questions are consistent with the second printing of the text. Please answer these questions, as they correspond to questions that may appear on the final exam.

Answer the following eight from Chapters 6, 7, and 8 of the Herrick (2013) text.

4. What dilemmas faced Augustine of Hippo regarding rhetoric? What was Augustine's response to these dilemmas? (12 points)

6. What studies made up Martianus Capella's liberal arts? (12 points)

7. What were the three rhetorical arts that characterized the middle and later portions of the Middle Ages? (12 points)

Chapter 7 Questions 1, 2, and 7 on page 161

1. What was the status of rhetorical studies in Renaissance education? (12 points)

2. Identify some of the defining characteristics of the Italian Humanist movement. (13 points)

7. In what way are Agricola and Ramus significant to the history of rhetoric? (13 points)

Chapter 8 Questions 5 and 8 on pages 185

5. What are some of the social forces that compelled British people to seek education in rhetoric during the eighteenth century? (13 points)

8. What were the goals of the Belletristic Movement? What effect did it have on the study of argument as a component of rhetoric? (13 points)

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