In today's education system, there are many factors on how our children get their education. Starting from when the children are enrolled in daycare...
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In today’s educaTon system, there are many factors on how our children get their educaTon. StarTng from when the children are enrolled in daycare and Kindergarten the way they learn or are being taught can aFect the outcome for when they get to elementary and high school. With an excess amount of student, it could be hard and overwhelmed for the teacher and at one point or another the class can get out of control. As a current instructor in the US army, I see many class sizes that come through the school, from 28 students up to 48 students in a class. ±he size of a class does aFect learning outcomes by a number of distracTons a student may have, the individualized a²enTon of the teacher to student, and the styles of learning that a teacher uses to make sure the student achieves a higher learning outcome. In every class, there are those students that do not want to listen, the ones that want all the a²enTon to themselves or are just causing some type of disorder. DistracTons come in many types and forms from talking, moving, doodling, or even throwing a piece of paper to another student. ±hese types of distracTon are what make students not want to listen to the teacher and are not able to learn to his or her best ability. When students are engaged in a conversaTon of their own, the rest of the students tend to listen to that speci³c conversaTon and not the subject that is being covered in the classroom. Whatever it is that some students may be doing, it’s a distracTon in the classroom that the rest of the class does not need. With smaller classes, the distracTons are a lot less and with fewer students, the teacher can focus more on the learning. With a smaller class, the students focus more on the subject. It’s a lot easier to point out what student are not listening or causing a distracTon, and no student like to be single out in the middle of the class.
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With an oversized class, the outcome of learning is greatly aFected to the student, especially when they are starTng school. Most teachers/instructors like smaller classes, due to the fact that they can have the opportunity to give their students a more individual a±enTon. Is a lot be±er for a teacher to focus on the quesTon the students may have, this will allow the teacher to respond with the correct answer. With small classes, the teachers or instructors can cover more content in greater depth and at the same Tme have a lot fewer distracTons or discipline problems. I believe not because I am an instructor, that smaller classes give the students the a±enTon that they need in order to understand what is being taught. I know that not every student is the same, some may need extra a±enTon or need to be explained in more in-depth to understand, others seem to be naturally smart and can grasp the content quickly. And then, we have those students that truly don’t grasp anything at all, these are the students that really need the individual a±enTon from the teacher in order make sure they grasp the knowledge they will need in future grades. ²here are may ways a student can learn the subject that is being taught in the classroom. A teacher may use many diFerent styles of teaching to ensure the students are actually learning. Methods like lectures, presentaTons, and some may even use the hands-on learning. Whichever style or method a teacher uses, a smaller class it the best way a teacher can maximise her or his skills. A larger class is a lot harder to control, more distracTons and not every student will get the a±enTon they may need to be able to understand the lesson. Some of the students may lose focus or interest if they see the teacher pay more a±enTon to others and not them. And let's not forget the ones that will cause distracTons. A larger size class will force
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