Running head: BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Annotated Bibliography Michael P. Cabanayan Transactional Leaders Vs. Transformational Leaders University of Phoenix...
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Annotated BibliographyThere are three parts of the annotation: 1.  Summarize each source, briefly. 

2.  Explain how each source may be of help to you for the future essay.

3.  Explain why the source is credible and academic.

Note: I have already completed Step one. Step 2 and 3 needs to be inputed into the annotated bibliography.

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Running head: BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Annotated Bibliography Michael P. Cabanayan Transactional Leaders Vs. Transformational Leaders University of Phoenix Professor Kim Karaff
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2 The topic of the essay chosen from week one is a persuasive essay about Transactional Leader Vs. Transformational Leader to depict which presidential candidate is most qualified to be elected as President and to distinguish the category Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fall under. Barbuto, J. E. Jr. (2005). Motivation and transactional, charismatic, and transformational leadership: A test of antecedents. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 11 (4), 26-40. Retrieved from Dr. Barbuto is the Director of the Center for Leadership at California State University at Fullerton and is an associate professor of organizational behavior in leadership for the Department of management at my Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. Dr. Barbuto earned his PhD in business administration from the University of Rhode Island, an MBA from Bentley University in a BS in business administration from the University of Maine. The focus of Barbuto's peer-reviewed article is to examine the distinguishing characteristics between transformational and charismatic leadership behaviors based on variable criteria. These behaviors were significantly correlated based on transformational and charismatic analytical breakdowns. The use of intrinsic process motivation showed a correlation with transformational leadership behaviors, indicating that the transformational leaders that motivated their staff by enjoyment at work were more likely to self report an ideology consistent with both charismatic and transformational leadership behaviors. It is noted that overall motivation has provided clear evidence for the promise as a decedent to a full range of leadership models. The results of this article have some selection and leadership development implications for example, particular leadership styles such as transformational, are sought out by organizations that are seeking to enhance the internal environmental culture of their organization and staff. It should be noted that the article cautioned practitioners do not overestimate the significance of a leader’s source of motivation for their particular leadership style. The results from the article's research provide several our communities for future research on the relationship between motivation and leadership style. More rigorous research procedures will also improve on this topic. The article concluded, citing that its results were consistent with the Kegan's 1982 study of the constructive developmental view of human motivation and how it is impacted by leadership formation and development. Guay, R. P. (2013). The relationship between leader fit and transformational leadership. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 28 (1), 55-73. doi: Dr. Guay received a BS in management from Northern Illinois University, an MBA from Northern Illinois University, and a PhD in organizational behavior/human resources from the University of Iowa. Guay is currently an assistant professor in the Department of management at the University of Northern Iowa. The purpose of Guay’s peer-reviewed article was to further examine the antecedents of transformational leadership by examining
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Comparison-Contrast Michael Cabanayan ENG220 September 11, 2016 Mr. Kim Karaf
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IntroducTon I am wriTng on voTng for Hillary Clinton vs. voTng for Donald ±rump. In this essay, I will give and prove primarily the three reasons why voTng for Hillary Clinton is a be²er poliTcal approach. FreewriTng For my ³rst prewriTng method, I chose freewriTng. I wrote down several ideas from each of their backgrounds to consider who deserves my vote in November as President. Free WriTng help me develop my body paragraphs and topic sentence in my introducTon. Although I came across an abundance of research, I have yet to narrow down the details to use in my essay. Outlining My second prewriTng method is an outlining. When outlining, I used a plethora of researched informaTon and came across three reason why Clinton will make a be²er candidate than ±rump. Using the outlining approach helped me to ³gure out which three reason I will probably use as three body paragraphs. Along with the three body paragraphs, I outlined a few details and examples to support each reason given. I was not able to generate a theses using my outline; however, it is usable.
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