its only 4 question. easy. If you cant do it just cancel don't open it to no one.

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Answer all queston wiTh a minimum word counT of 155 To meeT RequiremenT. You may add resource, and quoTaton. Make sure you add all reference use. Remember 155-word counT To answer each queston. 1.) Do you think English needs a spelling reform? Why or why not? WriTe answer here, make sure word counT is 155 or more. You can use reference, and musT add a reference page if you do so. 2.) Adjectves and adverbs as well spelling. ±alk abouT all Three and provide examples. Word counT is The same. 3.) Most people believe that English has changed since they were children. Do you see this change in English as good or bad? Why? Same instruction as above. 4.) Memorization and spelling. write about this. Same rules apply
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