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Directions: Write a five paragraph reflective essay on the second...

Directions: Write a five paragraph reflective essay on the second half of the semester. You should include the following information

(a) write about what you did differently in the second half of the semester comparison to the first half (include what you learned and how you used that information).

(b) Write about at least three challenges you faced and how you will overcome them in the future

(c) write about how your sources helped you during the research process "It should be approximately 400 words and should have an introduction (hook, connecting information, thesis), three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

"Each body paragraph can be a different letter (ie body 1 a, body 2 b, body 3)

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An Irish novelist, James Joyce, has been recognized as one of the most creative writers who had a big impact on several parts of Irish society and the rest of the world, especially on how we know about literature and cinema. He has been considered as a great writer due to his complexity of the use of his language combined with different areas of knowledge, making his pieces of writing unique and remarkable. Not only that he is well-known for the creation of the unique masterpieces of writing, but his expert in film industry has also made him stand out among all other experts in the same area. James Joyce influenced literature in a way that inspires other authors to write more about his topics. His excellence in choosing such interesting topics that are different from other novelists, therefore, encourages many other authors to follow his ideas, which in turn affects how we think of literature these days. Another area that makes James Joyce a great writer is an insertion of a variety of knowledge into his writing. According to, James Joyce was able to extend his composition by integrating it with a wide variety of his intellectualism, such as philosophy, theology and foreign languages. As a result of these integrations, English literature had become what it is called “modern”, spreading its copies to other countries not only in English speaking countries. The most well-know novel written by James Joyce was Ulysses. It is popular because he chose to write ordinary events, such as a day in his life, and make those ordinary events become a masterpiece. In Ulysses, James Joyce also described about self-consciousness, including defecation and masturbation (Lewis). His book was banned in the United States for several years ever since it had been firstly published in the state of Ireland. The main reason of restriction was the sexual part composed in his book, which was labeled as an inappropriate material in the United States back then. However, later on, his book was finally published in the United States
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1 Running head: EXERCISES 400 word essay Paragraph 1 : Hook, Connecting Into , Thesis Paragraph 2 : Describe the two most challenging aspects of completing your fist essay Paragraph 3 : Describe which souras were the most significant for your paper(An Irish) Explain how these soures were valid and how they impacked your paper (An Irish) paragraph 4 : Describe what you will do differcntly for your next essay and why Paragraph 5 : Conclusion -Restar thesis -opinon/prediction/suggestion Exercises To connect the hook into thesis statement I decided to introduce the novelist James Joyce as a creative writer who has enormously contributed to the cinema and literature. Even more, the hook expounds on his great impact in the Irish society as well as the world at large. The hook connects to the thesis statement which focuses on James Joyce writing and expertise, (Cassiani & Konopacki, 2012). The most challenging part of completing this essay was coming up with a hook that attracts the attention of the reader; to ensure that he gets interested in my paper. Another challenge was relating or connecting the hook to the thesis statement to ensure that the essay is clear and concise. Therefore, coming up with a clear thesis statement was also a challenge; making it hard to organize and structure ideas, (Grabe & Kaplan, 2014). Another challenge that I
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Running head: KEITH HARING 1 KEITH HARING Charanya Muennoi Professor Andrew selig English Composition II September 1,2016
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