I'm trying to answer four admission questions for Master of Science

in Digital Forensic Science for entry to Champlain College.

Question #1:
Graduate education is designed to transform the way students view their personal and professional worlds. After reviewing the website about this program, what is it about its mission that appeals to you? Talk about how it will bring you closer to achieving personal and/or professional goals. Please be specific.

Question #2:
As an adult student, you will likely be juggling many different roles and responsibilities when you begin your rigorous master's program or graduate certificate. You, like most of our students, will need to plan to set aside a great deal of time to be successful. How will you make space in your life for this kind of intense educational experience? If you are looking at a one year degree program, what makes this year a good one for you?

Question #3:
All of Champlain College's graduate online programs require a high level of self-awareness and reflection. What is the value of this kind of thinking in your professional life?

Question #4:
Graduate study focuses on creation of original ideas and theories. This requires a comfort level with ambiguity or not having a clear right or wrong answer. Can you give an example of how you react to ambiguity?

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