Need help!  I need some one to read the topic Proposal essays (3)

there are 3 and after each provide feedback to certain questions(the questions will be provided Below) I will attach each Proposal ...
provide the feedback to answer the 7 questions on each document please

Topic Proposal Peer Review
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This week we will once more focus on peer review. This time you will be reviewing Topic Proposal Essay drafts. Before I get to the directions for this peer review, here are a few reminders regarding peer reviews in general:

Always be respectful in your comments.
Respond as a reader, not a judge.
You as the reader are capable of giving critical but constructive feedback. Do not be shy about saying that aspects of the draft need work.
Read each paper more than once.
Now, for this peer review, you will be focusing on providing feedback based on the evaluation criteria presented in the grading rubric that accompanies the assignment (attached above). You will respond to each of the following questions with complete sentences, thoughtful commentary, and specific advice for improvement/revision. Respond to these questions at the bottom of the draft within the Word document. Also make note of any issues or well-done sections in the text itself using Comments or Track Changes in the Review Tab.

1. Is the research question focused, challenging, and grounded? Explain why or why not.

2. Is the proposed topic relevant, arguable (not fact, opinion, or faith based), specific and appropriate? Explain why or why not.

3. Does the introduction explain why the topic was selected and present the research question as the final sentence? Explain why or why not.

4. Do the body paragraphs discuss a plan for approaching the research question, including explanation of why it is significant to the research question and where the information may be found? Explain why or why not.

5. Does the conclusion explain the significance of the proposed topic and research question? Explain why or why not.

6. Is the draft in MLA format? Explain why or why not.

7. Are sentences complete and varied and structure? Are there any run-ons or sentence fragments? Explain why or why not.

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Dye-Pellisson 1 Dena Dye-Pellisson Dr. Shandi Wagner Freshman Writng II: English 105 Online SepTember 16,2016 ±opic Proposal Essay Are vaccines safe or are they putting ourselves and our children in the way of danger? I have often wondered this very question and upon the arrival of one of my closest cousins baby and her choice to not vaccinate him, it really made me question the system and why we follow it. Another instance that made me question this is when my own daughter had to get her chicken pox shot, which was required to go to kindergarten, and actually got the chicken pox from it. We were told there was no way that she got this from the shot but she wasn’t around anyone that had chicken pox at that time. This made me contemplate that maybe this wasn’t the only vaccine that could cause someone to contract the actual disease that you are trying to prevent. Another exam- ple is the flu shot, I have tried to get it on three different occasions and have contracted the flu each time. I have opted to just risk getting the flu on my own instead of from a shot. I truly never thought of vaccines as an issue before because I was brought up to just get them and never associated them with potential danger for my life or my children. I didn’t even know that you had the option to not receive them, always follow the global directions and don’t ask questions was the mantra. The questions that run through my mind are what are the risks as- sociated with getting vaccinated and what can happen if people chose to not get them. To this day and age there are so many things that our bodies have built immunities to, could the diseases
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Topic Proposal Essay Michael Hofarth ENG 105-304 18 September 2016 Ques±on: Is vehicle automa±on moving too quickly? I selected vehicle automa±on as a topic because I currently drive a car with several automa±c Features and will most likely be one oF the ²rst to have a driverless car when they are produced. I also se- lected this topic because my current vehicle has several automa±c Features that work daily with zero is- sues or Fails. However, I have experienced occasions that would have been deadly in a driverless car be- cause road or weather condi±ons caused the saFety Features to Fail. The personal experience I have with vehicle automa±on is From my 2013 ³ord ³usion which is equipped with Adap±ve Cruise Control. Adap- ±ve Cruise Control is a saFety and convenience Feature which works by automa±cally changing your vehi- cle’s speed so that the vehicle will match the speed oF the vehicle in its sensor range; and the vehicle will either speed up, slow down, or even apply the brake to maintain a selected distance. ³ord also placed other vehicle automa±on Features in the car such as lane assist which will automa±cally correct the vehi- cle’s steering to keep between the middle line and the road’s edge, automa±c headlights and wipers, blind spot warning which alerts the driver to other vehicles along the side oF the car and emergency brake assist which primes the braking system and alerts the driver with both sound and a red light iF the sensor indicate a pending crash. Many other auto manuFacturing companies are now ofering other au- tomated saFety Features to compete with ³ord; and some technology companies like Uber and google have plans to release driverless cars in the near Future. Some people believe that these companies are
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Heather Herron Dr. Wagner September 18, 2016 Topic Essay The rights to free speech in our country also gives us the ongoing stream of individualized opinions. Many feel that capital punishment is cruel and unnecessary punishment, whereas others feel it is justiFed for the ac- tions that the prisoner has done. We have many opinions and facts that are used to persuade us as to what we should feel or think in regards to this sub- ject. Often times we Fnd ourselves engulfed in the opinions rather than facts of capital punishment. If given several opinions and facts about capital pun- ishment, would you agree or disagree with the decision of death? Safety is said to be one of the biggest topics of Capital punishment. When placing a prisoner into the system for having committed such horrible crimes we have to consider the threat to guards and other inmates. There is a chance this person may cause harm to others. With such an intense envi- ronment as prison, the possibility is often higher that the prisoner may react to not only their stress of having been sentenced but also being surrounded by many others who are just as angry to be in prison. ±or the safety of others it is often felt that death may be the better alternative. Extreme punishment, one could say that it would be more severe to live a life in prison. Whereas others may believe that death may be the most
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