This is an essay assignment. The file is attached.

This is an essay assignment. The file is attached.

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Essay #2 Cause and Effect Essay Prompt We have read several texts so far in this semester that have discussed the importance of reading. Consider both Malcolm X’s “Saved,” in which he teaches himself to read and discusses the effects of reading on his mindset and The Freedom Writers Diary , in which Ms. G’s students read literature that changes the way they view education and life. You are also required to research two sources independently that discuss the importance of reading and its effects. What are the causes and effects of reading (within the three texts you choose)? Here are questions to consider: What causes people to read? What are the positive effects of reading? What are the negative effects for those who are illiterate, or those who cannot read above high school level? You may answer any or all of these questions. Within this essay, you must demonstrate your ability to support your argument using several texts. Therefore, it is crucial to have an understanding of summarizing and quoting. Requirements for Cause and Effect Essay: 3-4 full pages (not including Works Cited) Solid thesis that discusses the effects of reading Clear, logical organization of essay (introduction, body, conclusion) Quotes, paraphrases and summarizes appropriately (you must do all three!) Uses at least three texts as support in body paragraphs Must use The Freedom Writers Diary Quotes are introduced and discussed (Use Quote Sandwiching!) Correct MLA Format, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page Smooth transitions between and within paragraphs Creative and interesting title No inappropriate use of 1 st and 2 nd person: I, me, my, you, your, yours If you visit the Language Resource Center on campus or NetTutor online for this essay, please submit the proof of your visit to me via email for extra credit.
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