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the highlighted part to be paraphrased so it could pass the Turnitin test again. Please do the necessary changes without missing the general Idea. 

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1 The importance of learning, reading and composing in the process of knowledge acquisition of a student, cannot be overemphasized, and herein lays the importance of a literacy narrative. In the following literacy narrative, I intend to offer a personal account whereby I am going to share my vivid memory about learning to read, as I was growing up. The process of learning different languages, and acquiring the ability to speak, write and express my thoughts in the same, has been a challenging and yet interesting journey. There have been various people, such as my parents and my teachers who played an admirable role as literary sponsors in my life, that in turn has not only helped me learn and explore new things but also has influenced me in loving the language I was learning for the first time. I still remember the time, when my mother, a Mathematics teacher by profession, brought me a Calvin and Hobbes book, that I took great interest in reading. At first, of course, I was hardly eager to go through the lines of the long stories, and yet my mother took the pain of reading the stories aloud to me. Once the interesting stories, and attractive pictures explaining the plots, attracted my attention, I started running my fingers through the lines of the book and reading the stories aloud to my younger brother. It should be noted here that my father did not play any less important role in enriching my literary learning process, as he was equally enthusiastic about developing my learning skills. I was hardly 5 when he would ask me to read and pronounce the words written on the cereal boxes, and would often take me to libraries for reading children’s books. In my earlier days of learning, like any other child, I was hardly fascinated by any sort of learning activity. My mother would spend ample time in helping me learn alphabets, numbers, and word pronunciation techniques, and the repetitive, monotonous job would hardly grab m
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2 attention. As I grew 4 years old, my mother realized that very soon I am going to be admitted to a school, and hence she bought me a variety of educational toys, such as word puzzles, alphabets learning notebooks, and others, that at once grabbed my attention, and helped me learn and differentiate between the complex alphabets and mathematical digits. Next, at 5 years of age, I joined school, and I still remember how my teachers, who were so supportive and caring, that they helped me in a considerable way in the learning process. I would like to mention here that one of my classmates, Robert had a large contribution I making me learn. Often there would be difficult tasks or lessons I would not find easy to comprehend, and hence I would seek the assistance of Robert, who would make me understand the lessons in a simplistic way. I was however not much interested in attending my English class, but once I was promoted to my third grade, I got the opportunity of meeting my new English teacher, Mrs. Smith. She taught us Mrs. Popper’s Penguins, and The Wind in the Willows, and her vivid narrative style, and her fantastic way of explaining twists greatly appealed to me, and I never remember having missed a single class of hers. The importance of e-learning should not be understated here. I was 10 years old, my father bought the first computer. As excited I was by its presence, the computer gave me the opportunity of learning new languages. Digital technologies not only helped me in learning new languages but also in testing my language skills via online platforms. Initially, my enunciation of English language was not very commendable, and I was advised by my teacher to work on it, and Content and Language Integrated Learning or CLIL, largely helped me in getting rid of the problem. Reading interesting stories online, and reading the biographies of my favorite pop stars from various online sites, improved my communication and writing skills. As I was growing up, I remember how my parents would bring different story books, and add to the collection of our
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1 The importance of learning, reading and composing in the process of knowledge acquisition of a student, cannot be overemphasized, and herein lays...
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