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Hi There, need your help. please see the file for instructions....

Hi There, need your help. please see the file for instructions. Thanks 

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Assignment Answer each questions above. 380-500 words. Need 3 references Part 1 1. With the Information Age, communication and access to information has been made easier and faster. These new dynamics allow us to develop greater knowledge and use of technologies. Therefore, do you agree that our responsibility to minimize unanticipated consequences is now greater than ever? Why? 2. Would you agree that given the new and ever-changing technological dynamics, a new global culture is evolving and possibly a future that we may be able to control? Do you recognize some threats to this social phenomenon? What set of values (individual or social) should be at the center of decisions? Part 2 1. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of standardizing AL regulations at the national level (like for nursing homes) rather than having each state legislature enact regulations for its state? 2. What are the pros and cons of requiring RN oversight in all AL facilities? 3. On what ethical grounds would a practitioner "hold the patient hostage" by hesitating to withdraw artificial nutrition and hydration?
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