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1. Based on your knowledge of point of view and the reliable versus the unreliable narrator, as well as the information presented in Chapter 1, can Nick be considered a reliable or an unreliable narrator? 
2. How does the setting as well as the characterization that Fitzgerald presents in Chapter 1 contribute to the development of conflicts that will drive the action of the rest of the novel?  Please mention at least one conflict, the characters involved, and use one quote for support. 
3. Tom’s affair with Myrtle suggests that she satisfies him in ways that Daisy cannot. In what ways are Myrtle and Daisy similar and how do they differ? State one way in which they are the same and two ways in which they are different. 
4. How does Fitzgerald create Gatsby to be above or more important than the other characters of the novel? Give three examples.
5. Jordan Baker’s story about Daisy’s marriage to Tom Buchanan gives details about the night before the wedding. Choose two details from the story that prove that Daisy did not want to marry Tom and one example that proves she may have been right.

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