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Can anyone please help me in this "One Multiple Choice...

Can anyone please help me in this "One Multiple Choice Question"...please explain the answer

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Epeli Hau'ofa Cites Albert Wendt in a famous quote; "I belong to Oceania --or, at least, I am rooted in a fertile part of it and it nourishes my spirit, helps to define me, and feeds my imagination. A detached objective analysis I will leave to sociologists and all the other 'ologists'. ..Objectivity is for such uncommitted gods. My commitment won't allow me to confine myself to such a narrow vision. So vast, so fabulously varied a scatter of islands, nations, cultures, mythologies and myths, so dazzling a creature, Oceania deserves more than an attempt at mundane fact; only the imagination in free flight can hope--if not to contain her--to grasp some of her shape, plumage, and pain. I will not pretend that I know her in all her manifestations. No one. ..ever did; no one does. ..; no one ever will because whenever we think we have captured her she has already assumed new guises--the love affair is endless, even her vital statistics. ..will change endlessly. In the final instance, our countries, cultures, nations, planets are what we imagine them to be. One human being's reality is another's fiction. Perhaps we ourselves exist only in each other's dreams (1976:49). .. [t]his artistic renaissance is enriching our cultures further, reinforcing our identities, self- respect and pride, and taking us through a genuine decolonisation; it is also acting as a unifying force in our region. In their individual journeys into the Void, these artists, through their work, are explaining us to ourselves and creating a new Oceania ." (1976:60). What is he encouraging us all to do? Select one: a. To be imaginative! Creativity is within us all. .. b. To recolonize! Through sociologists. .. c. To statistic-cize! Through reality checks. .. d. To be objective! Subjectivity is too dangerous. .. And please explain
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