For each of the following items, indicate in the space to the left...

For each of the following items, indicate in the space to the left whether it is a fused sentence ("FS") or a comma splice ("CS"). Then, correct the error by adding a period or a semicolon. Capitalize the letters as necessary to make two sentences.

Example: FS Being a farmer can mean dealing with all types of challenges one of the biggest ones comes from the sky.

  1. cs Farmers have been trying to keep hungry birds out of their crops for centuries, the first scarecrow was invented for this reason.

2.       Cs      Some farmers have used a variety of chemicals, other farmers have tried noise, such as small cannons.

3.        Fs     Recently, a group of berry farmers tried something new. They brought in bigger birds called falcons.

4.    Fs   Small birds such as starlings love munching on berries. Each year they destroy thousands of dollars' worth of farmers' berry crops.

5. Because these starlings are frightened of falcons, they fly away when they see these birds of prey in the fields they need to get to where they feel safe.

6. Using falcons to protect their crops saves farmers money, it does not damage the environment either.

7. A falconer, or a person who raises and trains falcons, keeps an eye on the birds during the day he makes sure they only chase away the starlings instead of killing them.

8. Falcons are used for protection in other places as well, they are used in vineyards to keep pests from eating the grapes.

9. In recent years, the falcons have also been used in landfills to scatter birds and other wildlife some have even been used at large airports to keep flocks of birds out of the flight path of landing airplanes.

10. Although a falconer's services are not cheap, they cost less than some other methods that farmers have tried for example, putting nets over a berry field can often cost more than $200,000.

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