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  1. Writing assignment #2:   DUE AT END OF MODULE 4Choose a news/press release from the list of links below. Craft a :45 news story from it, including at least one quote as a sound bite (note: use web links to releases below). Use split script format but don’t worry about video. You must I.D. speaker of the sound bite in the audio portion of your script.There is a file that has split script if you need it. With a split script, for television, the audio (including script, after all, it will be read out loud) is on the right; the video directions (shots, graphic info, etc) is on the left. For an audio script, use the right hand column for your script, the left hand side for SFX and music directions.Note that some of these press releases may require you to search on the organization’s site for additional details. Stay on the organization’s web site for your information.Remember that your news story should be objective; remember the source of most of these news releases has a point of view they wish to get across.  Don't make it sound like a commercial.With social media and websites making news releases more available to the general public (as opposed to media only) the pure form of the news release has become diluted. Snapchat and NASCAR   NASA Study on Climate in Africa Release of Generic Epipen Red Cross- Hurricane Hermine preparations Mammoth Cave National Park- events Giant Panda's First Birthday Celebration at the National Zoo

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