need help on my grammar,  citations, and annotated summarymy knoeldge a summary have to have 1) summary

2) why is it worth it

3) how I'm going to use it

which sources should be in italics?

                       Annotated Bibliography

Cyr, B., Berman, S & Smith, M. (2015). Child youth care forum. The role of communication technology in adolescent relationships and identity development. Volume 44(Issue 1), 79-92. The journal defines the increase rate of how teenagers used technology and influence the development of adolescents’ base on a research conduct. Includes relevant evidence about the usage of communication technology, adolescent adjustment, and identify stress on children’ s behavior. This source is helpful when understanding the differences and similarities from social media on youth and how it has change throughout decades.


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (2005). NICHD Study of early child care and youth development. Child care and child development. New York City, New York: Guilford Publications, Inc. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development defines how parent’s methods disciplines have an effect on children behavior. It identifies and describes how parents should educate their child using different methods and process. This source is helpful for demonstrates and acknowledges of parents’ disciplines has change throughout generation and different methods can have an impact on children development.  

Shonkoff P, J. Philips A, D. (2000). The science of early childhood development: From neurons to neighborhood, pp 328-588.  Retrieved from. This articles provides a base of information on how environmental factors can affect children behavior mentally and emotionally living in a lack and problematic community. Provides insight about different factors such as community violence, role models and value consensus, neighborhood intuitions, and power of peer influence on spreading problem. This source is helpful because when discussing the issues develops on a community and how environment can have an impact on children behavior.


 Willy, J., Sons. (). Alcoholism & drug abuse weekly: Teenagers in child welfare at greater risk of substance abuse, 25(43), 1-7. Describe and discuss how family risk factor as drug abuse can create an impact on a childrens’ behavior as a teenager and as an adult. Addressing the expectations of factors that face children and their behavior change due to the fact of family drugs abuse when they’re older.


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