need help on my grammar,  citations, and annotated summarymy knowledge a summary have to have 1) summary

2) why is it worth it

3) how I'm going to use it

which sources should be in italics?

Annotated Bibliography

Wilmoth Lerner, A., Wilmoth Lerner, B., & Lee Lerner, K. (2006). Bill of rights: Human and civil rights. Detroit: Gale 6-9. Opposing viewpoints in context. The authors discuss the constitution’s Bill of Rights and the definition of the terms. Includes relevant evidence about the history of the constitution and detail amendments. This is a helpful source because demonstrates an informal language and able to understand what the author is talking about.

Department of justice. (2010). Justice News: Assistant attorney general David Kris speaks at the Brookings Institution. Retrieved from  Department of justice presents a speech from a general that describe and discuss the system how a terrorist suspects are process and the steps provide to legally question the terrorist suspects. It identities and describe how logical arguments to support the ideas, which include persuasive facts and his own experience. This source is helpful because clearly demonstrates the techniques and steps needed to process a terrorist and criminal suspects in the United States.

Senate Intelligence Committee. (2014). Council on foreign relations: Study on the central intelligence agency's detention and interrogation program.”  Retrieved from The authors, provide a study made in 2014 that discusses how torturing techniques on terrorist suspects during an interrogations are not an effective way to get information and answers to questions. Addressing the examples and events that previously occurred to defend their arguments that have occur in the United States. This resource is helpful tool on explaining why torture is not an effective tool to getting information and how Miranda warnings should be use every time.

Siegel, L., & Worrall, J. (2016). Essentials of criminal justice. Stamford: Ct: Cengage Learning. This book acknowledged the criminal justice system process and the basis of terms of law enforcement. Provides insight about events, detail information in criminal justice system, and detentions terms. The article is a helpful source and provides an understatement of law enforcement in the in United States and the methods uses to define and protect the people from criminals and United States.

Smith, B., & Damphousse, K. R. (2007) National achieve of criminal justice: American terrorism study, 1980-2002 (ICPSR 4639). Retrieved from The authors provide a research study that was conducted in 2007 and discusses the steps that have to be taken in an interrogation when a terrorist and a criminal suspect are involved. Discusses and evaluate how a terrorism interrogation is conduct by law enforcement and using Miranda warnings. This source is helpful and shows the questions and steps for terrorist suspects.

Stearns, K. (2016). Criminal justice system process [lectures retrieved from a paper point slides]

Kristy Stearns states the constitution’s Bill of Rights and the history involve in process of writing the Bill of Rights and provides a thorough explanation of each amendments and how we the people use them in the United States. It’s relevant to the topic because in the lectures show the 5th and 6th amendment and to whom it may apply to and how the criminal justice system is use throughout each generation. The presentation was a helpful source for learning and understanding how the 5th and 6th amendments work in favor of or against an individual.

Merino Noël (7 June,2010). Criminal justice: Terrorist suspects should have a right to miranda warnings. Detroit: Greenhaven press. Opposing viewpoints in context. The author presents arguments in supporting terrorist’s rights as Miranda warnings. This source provided arguments, events, and example to supports his ideas on debating that a terrorist a should have the same rights as everyone else. This source is helpful because it has an opposing viewpoint, ideas and information and acknowledge terrorist’s rights.

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