in this article there are few storie. however, the stories are "Apollo and Hyacinthus" and "Pygmalion". 

there 2 question for those stories

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300 words analysis of "Pygmalion" how does the conclusion of "apollo and hyacinthus" relate to the events of Pygmalion ? How does that ending influence our perception of the story'a title character.

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PYGMALION "Pygmalion knew these women all too well; Even if he closed his eyes, his instincts told him He'd better sleep alone. He took to art, Ingenious as he was, and made a creature More beautiful than any girl on earth, OVID [ 278 ] METAMORPHOSES A miracle of ivory in a statue, So charming that it made him fall in love. Her face was life itself; she was a darling — And yet too modest to permit advances Which showed his art had artful touches in it, The kind of art that swept him off his feet; He stroked her arms, her face, her sides, her shoulder. Was she alive or not? He could not tell. He kissed her; did her lips respond to his?He spoke to her, then slipped both hands around her And felt a living whiteness move; then, frightened, He hoped he had not stained that perfect beauty. He whispered at her — look, he brought her toys, Small gifts that girls delight to wear, to gaze at, Pet birds and shells and semi-precious stones, White lilies, flowers of a thousand colours, And amber tears wept by Heliades. He dressed her like a queen, rings on her fingers, Or diamonds and gold or glancing rubies, A shining collar at her throat, pearls at her ears, And golden chains encircling her small breasts. All these were beautiful enough, yet greater beauty Shone from her nakedness in bed, he called her His bnde, his wife, the fair white creature sleeping On cloth of purple, as if she shared his dreams, Her head at rest upon a feathered pillow. "Meanwhile the Feast of Venus had arrived And all of Cyprus joined in celebration- Golden-horned cattle lay at smoke-wreathed altars, Blood pounng from white throats in sacrifice In honour of a blessed holiday. Pygmalion, after paying his devotions, Began a prayer, then shyness overcame him; He whispered, 'May the very Gods in Heaven Give me a wife' — he could not say outright, 'Give me the girl I made.' He stammered, Then went on: 'But someone like — ' He cleared his throat, then said, 'Give me a lady METAMORPHOSES [ 279 ] B O O K X Who is as lovely as my work of art.' The prayer was scarcely heard, yet golden Venus (Who on that day had come to join the feast) Was well aware of what Pygmalion longed for: Three times his altar burned in whitest fire; Three times its flames leaped floating into air, Six friendly omens of her good intentions. Then he ran home to see, to touch again.The ivory image that his hands contrived, And kissed the sleeping lips, now soft, now warm, Then touched her breasts and cupped them in his hands; They were as though ivory had turned to wax And wax to life, yielding, yet quick with breath. Pygmalion, half-dazed, lost in his raptures, And half in doubt, afraid his senses failed him, Touched her again and felt his hopes come true, The pulse-beat stirring where he moved his hands. Then, as if words could never say enough, He poured a flood of praise to smiling Venus. He kissed the girl until she woke beneath him Her eyes were shy, she flushed, yet her first look Saw at one glance his face and Heaven above it. Venus came down to be their guest at wedding And blessed them both Less than a year went by — Scarcely the ninth moon filled her slender crescent, A girl was born to them — Paphos they called her, And from that child a harbour takes its name.
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