Romeo and Juliet At the end of Act 4, all of the Capulets and Paris...

Romeo and Juliet 

At the end of Act 4, all of the Capulets and Paris believe Juliet is dead. However she has really taken a potion to fake her death and hopes to wake up in the tomb and find Romeo next to her.

Your activity is to analyze the events that have caused this to occur. Pretend that you have a stack of dominoes. Just as dominoes fall over with a cause/effect phenomenon, the events in stories happen because of some cause, or reason. Starting with Juliet faking her own death as the ending "domino" in a line of "dominoes," work backwards by finding the direct cause of each event. Here are the first few dominoes completed for you.

  • Juliet fakes her own death by drinking the poison.
  • Friar Lawrence gives Juliet the vial so she won't kill herself.
  • The nurse has given up on the marriage with Romeo working out, so Juliet seeks help from the Friar.
  • Instructions: Use Microsoft word to continue working backwards until you arrive at the beginning of the play.
  • You must include at least eight of your own "dominoes."

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