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1. What details give us a clue to the time in which the essay was written? Is the time necessary to the main point of the essay? Cite reasons for your answer.

2. Where in the essay is the term entropy first defined? What rules pertaining to a proper definition does the author observe? Does the definition clarify the term for you? If it does not , what is it lacking? What better definition can you provide?

3. According to the author, just about everythng in our universe is subject to entropy, but what are some exceptions? What noticeable characteristic do these exceptions reveal? 

4. Where in your immediate sphere do you most clearly see the workings of entropy? What, if any, steps have you taken to prevent the entropy from descending into total chaos? What foreign countries seem most vulnerable to  entropy? Explain your choices.

5. According to the author, why does entropy have a winning edge in the race between disorder and order? Do you agree or disagree with the author's assessment?

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