SHORT ANSWER1. In three to five COMPLETE sentences, support how you would you respond to this situation - 

A mother of one of your students has asked to meet with you, her son's teacher. She does not understand why you evaluate her son's work using rubrics instead of tests like she had when she was in school. The mother also comments that her son will have to take the state tests and she feels rubrics are NOT preparing him for these types of tests. 

2. Click on the link or copy/paste to your browser to explore the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) state assessments -  After exploring the site, share one new item that will be helpful to your future teaching about the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) and/or the Kansas Interactive Testing Engine (KITE). (2 pts.)

3. From chapter 14, now that you are aware of inappropriate and appropriate test-preparation practices, have you witnessed inappropriate educational practices? Did this practice violate professional ethics and/or educational defensibility? If so, explain how? To ensure confidentiality, PLEASE DO NOT state names of students, teachers, schools, districts, or any staff.  If you have never witnessed inappropriate test-preparation practices, provide an example of witnessing appropriate test-preparation practices and state how this practice upheld professional ethics and/or educational defensibility.

4. In chapter 12, Dr. Popham discusses research conducted by Black and William. He quotes "the research reported here shows conclusively that formative assessment does improve learning". What are your experiences with formative assessment? Analyze why formative assessment should be more prevalent in today's schools. Finally, after reading this chapter, what question(s) do you have about formative assessment? (2 pts.)   

5. Review the 21st Century Learning Skills for Learning and Innovation at After your review, which "learning and innovation" skills do you feel are the most important? Support your response (2 pts.)

6. In this week's module, you were asked to review math scores from the Mock Classroom Assessment. What does the formative and standardized information tell you about the students' academic abilities? What instructional and other strategies might you implement to ensure these students' achieve in areas where scores indicated they were lacking or continue to exhibit growth in areas where the students were well above the class average?

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