As we indicated in Unit 1’s lecture, managers and workers write...

As we indicated in Unit 1's lecture, managers and workers write more in the 21st century than ever before in history. To ensure that writers reach their readers with their intended message, businesses and government agencies are finding it increasingly important to set specific, objective standards for clear writing, as we discuss in this unit's lecture. For example, see the (Links to an external site.) site - one of this unit's featured sites - for information on clear writing efforts in government agencies.

Being able to apply standards for readability is important to success in your career field, whether it is in the computer sciences, management, education, the military, or another field.

Instructions: Discuss in one or two well-developed paragraphs how you can measure whether your writing meets standards for readability such as those above. As you may know, you can use Word to determine the reading grade level of your document, for example.

As a "tickler," let us know whether your organization or your career field has a style guide with standards for clear writing? Are they voluntary or required?

For example, the Army's correspondence regulation, AR 25-50 states: 

"Department of the Army writing will be clear, concise, and effective. Army correspondence must aid effective and efficient communication and decision making. Writing that is effective and efficient can be understood in a single rapid reading and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage. Refer to paragraphs 1-43 through 1-46 of chapter 1 and appendix B of this regulation and to DA Pamphlet (Pam) 600-67, Effective Writing for Army Leaders, for more information on effective and efficient Army writing. The standards contained in these references are the mandated Army style."

The Air Force's writing and speaking handbook, Tongue and Quill (Links to an external site.) << >>also promotes a standard of readability appropriate for a military workplace.

In another example, the federal government's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a Plain Language Handbook (Links to an external site.)<< >>developed for the financial services industry, with the Preface written by a familiar figure in our nation's economy: Warren Buffet.

Please post your responses to this discussion topic #2!

Topic 2 --Standards for Readability-- Please read the detailed instructions listed above. Discuss in one or two well-developed paragraphs how you can measure whether your writing meets standards for readability such as those above. Post your response for Unit two's topic 2 here.

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