Hi Tutor,  Here is the second question regarding the same article...

Hi Tutor,  Here is the second question regarding the same article that I asked you before! Hope you can give me a hand in this one too!

 ENC1143: RRN

In this group discussion board post, you'll share your complete rhetorical reading notes for the module's second reading. To receive credit, your RRN must be complete and provide accurate information. If you produce quality notes, you are more likely to produce a quality summary and demonstrate your familiarity with the text, so these notes are a good opportunity for you to start your discussion with your instructor about the text and show the care you've taken in considering the course content. Attached format/question. (Please answer carefully and complete the RRN)

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Appendix C Rhetorical Reading Notes Rhetorical Situation 1. CONTEXT (will require brief research) a. Who is the author/what is the author’s profession/background? b. In which source text was the reading originally published/printed/produced? c. What is the original date of publication? d. Identify one or two significant historical circumstances of the text’s production. 2. STRUCTURE a. Identify how and where the author(s) employs obvious (e.g., headings, subheadings, lists, labels, bullets, etc.) or subtle structural cues (e.g., subject transitions) b. Identify any narratives (stories, anecdotes) and state their purpose. c. Identify any figurative language (e.g., metaphors, allusions, personification) and state its purpose. 3. PURPOSE a. What is the purpose of the work (e.g., argument, narrative, commentary, etc.) and how does the author identify that purpose? b. Identify and explain the original intended audience as stated (or implied) by the author: i. Identify the pronouns that the author uses and identify to whom the pronouns refer (i.e., who is who and to whom?). ii. Identify four words or phrases that you used to identify the audience. c. Identify three words or phrases (not “the,” “a/an,” prepositions) that are repeated throughout the text and explain how they relate to the text’s main idea. 4. MAIN IDEA a. State the topic (noun) : b. State the main idea in one sentence (must include an active verb) : Response 1. Quote or paraphrase one passage that you agree with and explain why you agree with this passage. 2. Quote or paraphrase one passage that you disagree with or that confuses you and explain your disagreement/confusion. Notes for Summary Write down a word or phrase that you think describes the ideas on that page for every page in the reading . If several ideas are present, you may need more than a word or phrase. Transcribe those notes below with the corresponding page numbers: Page# Ideas/topics
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