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Can you please revise this for me....

Can you please revise this for me.

  • Please attach a 250-500 word essay on a critical policy, economic or social issue of your choice that is relevant to the institute to which you are applying ( I apply for this Philanthropy and Voluntary Service)What i wrote below is what i think and it is not a complete essay. I need some research about Portland Oregon Homelessness to prove what i said, also i need a complete essay. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance. 
  •  and explain why you believe it is significant. (Please be sure the essay is well-written and organized with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion. If admitted, this essay may be sent to prospective internship sites as a writing sample.)

I have been living  in Portland, Oregon six years, and I have witnessed many change since I came, especially homelessness. I think economics is one of the reasons why this problem exists. Unfortunately, community services, state social services and the work of nonprofit organizations can help to improve this problem, but are not the answer.

The global economic crisis in late 2008 created what has been called the Great Recessions. As the result, there were a number of private enterprises as well as states was bankrupt, that were unable to maintain employment and services to its people. Life became more difficult. People became to be judicious and thoughtful in all things related to financies. Although the economy is growing, the truth is, this improvement will not recover what has been lost since the economic crisis occurred. It looks like inflation, unemployment, and homelessness are on the rise. I see a change right where I live, but it is a negative change. When I first came to this country five years ago,  I saw few homeless people and few homeless children on the streets. Today, I see more children homeless. It is unclear to me whether it is legal or illegal when kids live on the street with their parents. Technically parents have not done anything wrong such as abuse or bully to their children;  they are simply unabale to provide a quality life for kids. However, in my opinion, it is not right when homeless bring their kids on the street with them.  It seems like homeless people are increasing throughout Portland and banning together creating large homeless camps. They live under bridges, on sidewalks, and spread everywhere, even in downtown Portland. Moreover, the rates of theft, robbery murder have increased. Some Portland residents  do not feel safe to go out like they used to or getting together with friends in public spaces. I think the market economy causes homelessness.  

A lack of jobs causes unemployment, which leads to family breakdown, mental breakdown, and theft. I think the homeless does not want that to happen. However, if I have a chance I will stop by and make a conversation with them to see what happened in their life, what their goals are, what they need to survive, and how they want to get back to normal life.  I believe they tried, want to have a normal life, and set goals for themselves but they need more time. I think the voluntary organizations support the need for them, they need to have something to eat and something to cover their body, especailly in the winter. I know we can not help them the entier life, but with empathy and altruism when we put ourself in their position, I believe that they will stand up again and remake their lives. What we need now is faith, patience, sharing and empathy for them to overcome the waves of their lives.

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