Huckleberry Finn (CH 1-15) Assignment: (PLEASE BE AS DETAILED AS...

Huckleberry Finn (CH 1-15) Assignment: (PLEASE BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE)
O Choose 3 of the following claims to prove true for EACH reading assignment.

O For each claim, do the following:

  • Find two quotes that support the claim. Provide context (background for each quote.

  • Explain how the quote supports the claim in this section.

  • Quotes require a sandwich (Introduce the quote with context, the quote, then an
    explanation of how the quote shows the claim)


1. Societies values and laws can be in conflict with higher moral values.

2. People must live outside society to be truly free.

3. Gullible people are partially responsible for their own deception.

4. People tend to behave irrationally and even cruel in large groups.

5. Greed can destroy lives.

6. Freedom means different things to different people.

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