please help with these two questions. need at least four sentences...

please help with these two questions. need at least four sentences for all the subquestions of these two questions

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Question 1: Sample Essay About 10,000 Indian citizens work in Iraq, including 46 nurses who recently became traped in northern Iraq when militant rebels took over large areas of northern and western Iraq. The militants are trying to create a new country in a region that includes parts of Syria and Iraq. They want to create a Islamic state. The nurses from India were traped during fighting in a hospital. After several days of fighting the militants released the nurses who were treated well and not hurt. The nurses returned to India on a flight chartered by the Indian governement and were welcomed home by a large group of freinds and relatives. This news article relates to people working in another country (guest workers), which is part of the migration theme and chapter 6 in the course. Source: Indian nurses freed in Iraq given rapturous home welcome. BBC. Retrieved July 5th, 2015. From: ( 28173993) Calibration Questions ( answer the following questions from 1-5 need explanation at least 4 sentences and also give a calibration grade(Not pass, pass, advance) ) Question Number 1 Does this submission include the title of the news article and a reference for the source of the news? Explanation: Question Number 2 Does the summary provide an objective account of the event that is featured in the article, and does the summary describe the wider context and significance of the event? Explanation: Question Number 3 Does the summary include well written sentences and correct grammar and spelling? Explanation: Question Number 4 In terms of the learning objectives for this assignment, is this news summary advanced, competent or not yet competent? Explanation Question Number 5 Does the summary include the theme name and textbook chapter number that the news article relates to? Explanation
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