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ABDM3574 Entrepreneurship Questions: (a)Describe the ways that entrepreneurs identify new business opportunities. Illustrateyour answer with reference to the case above. (25 marks)(b)What are the essential qualities to be a good opportunity? Discuss the quality ofservice on Uber ride-sharing business whether this Uber service is a goodopportunity. (25marks)

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ABDM3574 Entrepreneurship Case 5 Uber Malaysia views challenges as opportunities Uber Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies Inc, is confident that regulations will move in favour of technology that facilitates competition, lowers barriers to entrepreneurship and more choices for consumers. Uber is not new to controversies and is the subject of ongoing protests and legal action from taxi drivers, taxi companies and governments around the world. The legality of Uber has been challenged and is an ongoing debate in Malaysia. Uber Malaysia general manager Leon Foong said the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is looking at reforming the taxi service industry, and these are values that Uber and the government share. "Key to that is having close relationship and using technology and data that we have to assist in any way possible," Foong said. "In any market that we operate in, we're bound to face regulatory-related issues and questions. In fact, whenever we plan our strategy and business, we take these issues into consideration. But we don't see these regulatory challenges as issues. We see them as opportunities. "We're actually solving a huge problem that we both want to solve together. We can offer our technology and they also have their know-how as regulators and we can work together," said Foong. He said the issue is not so much about SPAD, Uber or other ride-sharing business models but how to encourage more Malaysians to use public transport, and to make it more reliable and affordable. Under Uber model, drivers keep 80% of the fare, while Uber takes 20% by providing this business. "We're in over 350 markets now and we realised that when on-demand transport becomes reliable, when you can get a car under five minutes consistently, and when it's constantly cheaper than other options, people naturally would want the cheapest, most convenient way of getting around. All these things help to grow the market."

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ABDM3574 Entrepreneurship Case 5 Uber Malaysia views challenges as opportunities Uber Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Uber...
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