Read the case given below and answer the questions provided at the end?
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Read the case given below and answer the questions provided at the

end? (Marks 18) Case Study Question Covid-19 Pandemic has hit hard the world economy, there are large number of people unemployed now. But it brought breakthrough the entrepreneurs who knew how to navigate for business ideas in tough time and when economy of the country and world is down. These Entreprenuers were market their business as a possible solution to the problem and their business and company flourished exponentially. Some examples of such companies are Zoom, Amazon, shopify, MS teams and many other Online e-commerce platforms. So many Android application-based businesses were able to make huge gain and were highly visible in economic scenes. The conventional classroom-based business of Education was also disrupted but Education Institution especially universities and college all over the world were able to discover news ways to carry on their business through online teaching platforms. In the context of Pakistan, we can also see there were hardship and unemployment but at the same time businesses flourished in country. Pandemic have brought huge business opportunities and success for people with business discernment. Pandemic has brough great social change and huge boost in entrepreneurial activity in Pakistan. Thoroughly think about the context of Pakistan what are some of the social changes you have seen in the society and what new business have emerged int eh country during this time of pandemic. Questions What are some of the social changes you can observe in the society of Pakistan because of development of business activity during pandemic? Enlist and give a brief description of some of the company that are born and flourished in Pakistan during the pandemic of COVID-19? As per your understanding what were some of the reasons for their success? Necessity based business, self-interest, emotions, compassion, service to the Communities, participation and collaboration in entrepreneurship

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