Answer questions 1 and 2 with reference to the movie "The Call of

the Wild" (
Q 1 Which level(s)( individual, group and Organization) of analysis of organizational behaviors (is)are focus in the movie. Present your arguments in relation to contributing factors presented in exhibit 1.3 of the Book. (Minimum Words 500 Marks 20 ).
 Q2 Discuss how Buck's role requirements change in different situation. Your discussion should include Role Perception, Role Expectations and Role Conflict (page 277) (Minimum Words 500 Marks 20)
Answer questions 3, 4 and 5 with reference to the movies 
Q 3 Identify and Discuss at least two instances in the movies in which perceptions clearly effect the decision making of the member of the jury. (Minimum Words 500 Marks 20).
 Q 4 Argues how group behavior concepts (conformity and group thinking ) influence the decision of the jury in the movie. (Minimum Words 500 Marks 20).
 Q 5 What are the lesson that you have learnt and can apply in your daily life about importance of communication presented in the movies. (Minimum Words 500 Marks 20).

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