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These questions are about the attached excerpt from Marjorie...

These questions are about the attached excerpt from Marjorie Shostack's 1981 book, Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman. Please find examples of things from the following list in which the text goes into some detail about that particular example, expressing people's sentiments or the specific actions people took in a given situation. and make a note of the page and line number each time you find them. Also please look for a bigger-picture pattern in the examples you have gathered.

  1. Plants and animals, and the general ecological conditions: What sort of environment do they seem to live in? Is water abundant or scarce?
  2. Work: Who does which job?
  3. Sharing: Who shares with whom? Do they give specific reasons why they share (or don't)? Do particular objects seem especially valued?
  4. Social relationships: What kinds of groups or other social relationships does feature in Nisa's society? Pay particular attention to marriage! How exactly does it work?

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