Study Essay Questions 1-2 The reign of Henry VIII demonstrates how...

Study Essay Questions

  • 1-2 The reign of Henry VIII demonstrates how a sensational moment or a single deed can shape how a person or event is remembered. What other examples from history might also demonstrate this point? How does this affect our understanding of history? Does the same thing happen in the news today?
  • 1-2 How would this new perception of the nature of the universe impact areas outside astronomy? Does this make the cosmos more or less understandable? How might this affect the way people understood the nature of human beings and society?
  • 1-2. We can easily judge the success of each system by later developments. If someone from France and someone from England met in the seventeenth century, on what basis might one or the other claim their country as superior to the other? What criticisms might they level against one another?
  • 1-2. Galileo was charged by the church with heresy and held under house arrest. How does his punishment compare to earlier cases tried by the inquisition? Why do you think Galileo was spared execution or excommunication?

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