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1.) The basic organizational division in UK courts is between the...

1.) The basic organizational division in UK courts is between the civil and criminal sides of the law:  

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2.) Which of the following is  NOT one of the reasons British courts have become more important in UK politics and more like American courts? 

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1.Queen Elizabeth used her crown powers to give British courts the power of judicial review

2.greater judicial activism

3.memembership in the European Union

4.constitutional reforms enacted since 1997

3.) The Factortame decisions:

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1.Granted courts the power to oversee the policies of devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales

2.Limited the powers of the prime minister in parliament

3.Opened the door to UK courts using the power of judicial review

4.Extended a variety of procedural due process rights to criminal defendants

4.) One of the important issues affecting Brexit is how the UK can withdraw from the single currency, the Euro, and return to the pound sterling.

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