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William Cobbett, the English Radical and reformer, wrote in the...

William Cobbett, the English Radical and reformer, wrote in the 1820s of the causes 

of revolutions: "The truth is, that you hear nothing but fools talk about revolutions made for the purpose of getting possession of people's property. They never have their spring in such motives. They are caused by Governments themselves; and though they do sometimes cause a new distribution of property to a certain extent, there never was, perhaps, one single man in this world that had any thing to do, worth speaking of, in the causing of a revolution, that did it with any such view." (The emphasis in this statement is Cobbett's). Discuss the accuracy of this statement as an explanation of what causes revolutions in the period we have studied (i.e, since the 18th century). Explain and exemplify. 

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