AN essay of an analysisNo secondary source information

of a Cold War source. is to be used in this essay. Use critical thinking, analytical and writing skills . Here are some questions; however, you do not have to use one of these questions.

1.    How does Ivan Denisovich cope with life in the Soviet gulag?


2.    How does Solzhenitsyn manage to build empathy for his characters in the novel?


3.    What kind of statement is Stanley Kubrick's film making about Cold War America?


4.    Examine either the role of language, technology, sex, or American culture in the film.


5.    How does seriousness mix with humour in Dr. Strangelove ...?


6.    Discuss the film's depiction of Communist fear and/or paranoia.


7.    Analyze the use of racial, ethnic and/or national stereotypes in the movie.


8.    How does Wallace Stevens use aesthetics to make political statements in his poetry?


9.    In "12 O'Clock News," what is Elizabeth Bishop saying about media in the Cold War?


10. Examine how either Stevens or Bishop provides new ways of thinking to challenge old, restrictive conceptions.


11. How does Allen Ginsberg depict America in the 1950s?


12. What are the effects of the Cold War upon Ginsberg's depiction of humanity?


13. Write on 1984 as a Cold War fiction that reflects and/or anticipates culture and politics.


14. Listen to David Bowie's 1974 album entitled Diamond Dogs. How is it similar and different from 1984? How does Bowie's album use and build upon Orwell's 1984?

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