1. (Endowment Economies) When will countries trade?
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1.In a certain department of a factory there are two shops.Totaldepartmental overheads for a year are `1,20,000 and the estimated number of direct labour hour is 24,000 (10 men employed for 48 hours per week during 50 weeks in the year). From the particulars given below calculate the prime cost and works cost of a work order No. 54 which passes through both shops: 

(1) Material consumed `1,000.

(2) Direct labor hours shop A -8hrs at '6.00 per hour

          Shop B-5hrs 7.50 per hour

3) Works overheads are to be levied by means of a direct hour rate

2.How can consumer satisfaction be measured using perspectives of financial and non-financial measures. 

3.What is just in time technique for managerial accounting.

4.How do you measure impact of managerial control on employees behavior

5.What are some alternative methods of measuring value of intangible assets

6.What impacts do managerial accounting for operation managers have in decision making and planning.

7.Discuss the need of database logical structures and their significance in effective management of database.

8.Why are retained earnings not distributed to shareholders in a public company. 

9.State and explain when a company should report a balanced sheet

10.Why is volume a totally independent variable from price in the market17757928

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1. (Endowment Economies) When will countries trade? Assuming 2 goods, food and clothing, and two countries with homothetic preferences, determine whether these two countries will trade in each of the following situations: (a) Countries have identical preferences and identical endowments. (b) Countries have identical preferences, their endowments differ, and their endow- ments are not in the same ratio of food to clothing. (c) Countries have identical preferences, their endowments differ, but the ratio of food to clothing is the same in both countries. (d) Countries have identical endowments but different preferences. (e) Countries have both different preferences and different endowments

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