I have attached the question I need help with. It will only let me...

I have attached the question I need help with. It will only let me select a 2am deadline. I really need it much sooner since the other tutor never responded by deadline and isn't answering me. Thanks!!!

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Financial statement analysis The fnancial statements o± Zach Industries ±or the year ended December 31, 2015, ±ollow. Zach Industries Income Statement ±or the Year Ended December 31, 2015 Sales revenue $160,000 Less: Cost o± goods sold 106,000 Gross profts $ 54,000 Less: Opera²ng expenses Selling expense $ 16,000 General and administra²ve expenses 10,000 Lease expense 1,000 Deprecia²on expense 10,000 Total opera²ng expense $ 37,000 Opera²ng profts $ 17,000 Less: Interest expense 6,100 Net profts be±ore taxes $ 10,900 Less: Taxes 4,360 Net profts a³er taxes $ 6,540 Zach Industries Balance Sheet December 31, 2015 Assets Cash $500 Marketable securi²es 1,000 Accounts receivable 25,000 Inventories 45,500 Total current assets $72,000 Land $26,000 Buildings and equipment 90,000 Less: Accumulated deprecia²on 38,000 Net fxed assets $78,000 Total assets $150,000 Liabili²es and Stockholders’ Equity Accounts payable $22,000 Notes payable 47,000 Total current liabili²es 69,000 Long-term debt 22,950 Common stock 31,500 Re²aned earnings 26,550 Total liabili²es and stockholders’ equity 150,000 The frm’s 3,000 outstanding shares o± common stock closed 2015 at a price o± $25 per share.
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